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Planning a party can be a huge undertaking, especially if you want to make sure your bar is stocked ...
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Types of Wines

When planing a dinner party or simply stocking your home bar it is important to learn the differances between the three major types of wines; sparkling wines, white wines and red wines.

Sparkling wines have bubbles which result from carbon dioxide that is a byproduct of the fermentation process. Usually, sparkling wine is referred to as champagne due to the fact that it originates from the Champagne region of France. Today, sparkling wines may or may not actually hail from Champagne.
Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Prestige is a sparkling wine with a light body. It has pear, vanilla and almond flavors.

Mumm Cuvee Napa Brut Blanc de Noirs is a dry sparkling wine with a pink tinge. Many equate the taste of this wine with creamy strawberries. It gains fullness with age.

Domaine Chandon Brut Cuvee is quite fruity with big bubbles. This wine has full body.

Cordorniu Napa Brut is a light sparkling wine with a taste that hints of applies with lemon.

White wines are not actually white at all. In fact they are usually varying shades of yellow due to the fact that most white wines are made from white grape juice. Generally, white wine should be served chilled.

Chardonnay is a French white Burgundy wine and is extremely popular.

Chenin Blanc originates from a grape in the French Loire valley. It often has a light, fruity taste.

Gewurztraminer contains a floral smell and is often served with spicy foods.
Riesling also has a floral smell and is often thought of as having a light, fresh taste. It is commonly served as a dessert wine.

Sauvignon Blanc is a light, crisp wine.

Semillon is a major variety originating from Bordeaux. It is commonly associated with having a ripe fig taste. It may be either sweet or dry.

Red wines are quite popular, served with red meats. When setting up a home bar or purchasing red wines for dining it is important to know there are many different types of red wine. Take the time to educate yourself about the different red wines and both you and your guests will be pleased.

First, understand that red wine is made from grapes that are purple, blue or red. The grapes provide the tannin, a major component in wine that contributes to the flavor of the wine. Keep in mind that while red wines are commonly served at room temperature, it is better to actually chill them for about ten or fifteen minutes before serving to receive the maximum taste from this type of wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon has a pleasant aroma of black cherry and red currants. It may also smell of black currants and cassis. There is a large amount of tannins in Cabernet Sauvignon.

Barbera is an Italian variety of red wine. It has a medium body and many people notice a tarry smell to this wine.

Cabernet Franc is a Bordeaux wine. On occasion it may be slightly blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to add bouquet.

Gamay is a fruity wine.

Grenache is often used in making rose wine and is a component of French Chateauneuf-du Pape; usually hailing from the south of France although there are some varieties from California and Spain.

Merlot is a component of French Bordeaux. It has less tannin to produce a smoother wine. This is one of the most popular wines in the United States.

Nebbiolo generally hails from California; however, the grape from which it is produced actually originates from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. It is associated with Barolo and Barbaresco wines.

Syrah is a deep red colored wine that is full of tannin and long lived. It hails from the Rhone region in France.

Pinot Noir is lighter in color than Cabernet or Bordeaux; however, it is flavorful.

Zinfandel is a fruity wine; commonly hailing from California. In some cases young zinfandel wines may have a spicy flavor.
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